Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Big emergency the power steering box was leaking!
But then, it was just the adjustment screw/nut that got loose, I should have done them tighter, anyway, no big deal not much fluid out and back to business.
I've found the leak on the radiator, it is not a new one, I can see old coolant dry just there, is in one of the sides (the one that looks like they hit something with as there is a tiny bump on the cross member).
As it is not loosing enough to take the level down from full, I'll keep an eye on it, maybe I'll try adding some stop a leak kind of thing, but down the road I see a new radiator.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

sunroof? check

I fixed the sunroof!!!!!!
the usual ground is missing on #2 and #4 on the microswitch, soldered a good ground to #2 and attached it to one of the bolts of the motor and , TADAAAh ! sunroof works great.
Of course, after getting rid of the headliner there it goes very nicely I'll leave it this way, maybe I'll wrap the sunroof metal with the old headliner so it looks more like "interior roof" that bare metal. I'll think about it.
The thing that made me suspect this one is that #2 and #4 had continuity but there was no continuity for any ground spot, so I said let's see if it is the problem mentioned in rangerovers.net or not.
I realized the stop points are out of place but who cares? I'll live with it unless I can figure it out easily.

Also, I've found some coolant leak under the radiator, but I can't find the leak source and it doesn't seem to be too much (expansion bottle is still full) so I'll keep an eye on it.

I had 3 bolts on the exhaust headers very loose, so I tight them up a little.

It never ends, does it? good thing I am having fun (still)

Monday, March 19, 2007

more body/electrical stuff

regarding the passenger seat, the motor that handles the reclining part is dead, it wouldn't move and will take the Volts down, probably too much crap in there. As removing it without removing the seat is hard, I plugged my drill into the cables to adjust the seat to a reasonable position and I am done for now.
After making the stereo work, I realized the speakers are pretty much useless: 2 dead ones on the back, 2 almost dead in the front doors and 2 way rusty although good in the lower end of the front doors. Oh well, I'll have to replace them all, I am wondering where could I get something cheap that works OK?
The sunroof on my RRC wasn't working for 2 reasons, the headliner and the roof. The roof itself had been beaten very badly, I tried to fix it, but there is always something that could touch the sliding mechanism. Also, the design is not too good, so the whole set headliner-sunroof is just too heavy, too easy to get stuck and not so easy to move. I decided to try without the headliner part and it flies now! I got no Voltage on the microswitch, so next day, I'll see what is going on, I suspect the ground because the fuse is intact and the motor worked before, plus I get no V on the cables so it is either the 12V or Gnd failing. Then again, I'll find out.
I tried to plan a little route to Ojai this Saturday but the offroad trails are closed. I really wanted to take my daughter wheeling in her birthday!
I'll see if I can get anything else around here not too extreme so she could come along and maybe even the little one.
ENOUGH said.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Finally I have a radio!
after playing around with the cables I figured it out, it works great now (well some speakers are gone).

The leak is gone too, no more coolant leak so far.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nice day of work

I did again the steering backslash adjustment, and now it does make a big difference!
The steering feels just right, no extra tight spots just great and the vague steering is all gone. I love the handling now.
Also, I fixed the fiber optic that lights up the speedometer gauge, now I get my red needle!
Next is the passenger recliner, the cable is broken and the motor goes one way for now. Oh well, I'l'l work on that one day.
Now that I can see how fast I am going on the night and can actually steer properly there is no reason not to go offroading.
Also, I addressed a coolant leak, it looks like the bolts were too loose in the intake warmer thing, so far no leaks but they may be back, it is a Land Rover :)

Dirt, there I go!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Road trip or something

I took this thing to work yesterday.
It went and came back!!!!
I guess it works (still), I need to play around with the steering adjustment a little bit more it is way too loose to feel responsive, but anyway...
Also, the coolant sensor (still works!!!!) reminded me that I have a tiny leak and that I needed a refill (well, the truck).
It also runs a little on the warm side, I'll have to keep an eye on the cooling system to avoid overheating it.
Other than that it can keep up 65-70 Mph when asked (well it says more like 60-65 but if you do the math with the tires...) and the only "but" I've found is the kickdown, it doesn't seem to work from 4th to 3rd.
I read it could be a seized valve on the tranny. Oh well, I hope it is not too bad. I'll check the kick down cable just in case.
I think next week I'll try Area 51 in Rowher flat and see what's up with this truck offroad. Is about time!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Trail ready, or as ready as it is going to be

another weekend of work on this RRC, I adjusted the steering wheel (what a pain to reach there) not much difference but at least it is more predictable when steering.
Did some painting and oiling of rusted spots and faded areas (black areas).
Also got rid of the disgusting sun shade film on the windows.

Anyway, it drives nice now and it is pretty much ready for the trails, so soon I'll head somewhere to give it a try off road.

I'll post a pic soon.