Sunday, July 13, 2008

Land Rover choice of experts tour at Malibu

This year I got invited again to a Land Rover event.

Although I knew what it was, I thought bringing my wife this time could be fun for both of us.

We drove the Range Rover 4.4 and we did have a lot of fun. The instructor was great, he is the person in charge of training the Land Rover Experience teachers and a very nice guy.
As last year we did the off-road circuit in Calamigos Ranch, very nice although too scripted, but still fun. Actually Paloma managed to drive very well the Range Rover despite her initial doubts.

The place isn't ugly either and we had a chance to meet great people as the very interesting Katherine Whiteside, very well known horticulturist and explorer and conservationist Nick Bougas, who convince me to go visit Belize one of this days.

Food was great and overall, a great way to expend the morning very close to home.

Some pictures:

This is as close to a G4 as I am going to get, probably:

Land Rover paradise? I don't think so, where is the mud?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More maintenance

I am done cleaning the intake system. This time the AIC or stepper motor.
Boy it was very dirty, the fault is the K&N air filter it used to have, I hate that and after all the time I've spent cleaning I don't plan to use the K&N air filter anymore (want it ? make me an offer).
I checked the brakes too and they seem almost new.
Also, whoever did the radio CD replacement on my Disco, didn't know this model has 2 antennas one for some FM band and the other for AM and the rest of FM frequencies. No wonder I couldn't listen to AM, they only plugged one and it was the FM only one.

More some other day.