Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farewell my friend

The time has come, we part ways, you´ve been a great Land Rover. Let´s see what LR I get next in California... stay tuned.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Assorted work notes and pictures

In the last few weeks I've been making sure the Land Rovers are ready for their next owner (if I happen to sell them, not very likely so far).

 After checking the front bearings and repacking them:

I took this picture for reference, just in case, I had problems putting it back together :), but maybe it can help you!
I did replace the little spring, but in this case seems to be the little actuator that is weak.

ATF change, only few metallic shavings, ATF was mostly OK (was changed a little over 10.000 Km only, but after Morocco)

A gift from the Land Rover party.

U-joints work, after checking them out, one in the Disco and one in the Series need to be changed.

 This is how it was on the disco...


Series, you can't really see much other than dirty :)

I need to finish the series and then replace rear ABS sensors on the Disco, since I broke one cable at the party too.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Land Rover Party 2013

This time, the 4 of us went to the Land Rover Party at Les Comes LR Experience center. We had a blast! so much fun...

We did one of the tough trails resulting in a broken shock and loose spring, but Xavi from Land Classics came to the rescue, with a replacement pair.

We did a lot of different activities and had a great weekend, we even had some time for tourism in Barcelona.

Now the pictures:

Les Comes, quite a beautiful venue for this event.

We did all the adventure activities, lots of fun.

My daughters tried the segway... now they want one...

Doing the bridge

 This is the tough route we did, Llosa nova (plenty of videos in youtube):

The rain we got later in the night...

Pushing the spring back on its place ...

... while articulating a bit.

This was silly, but fun.

Pep Vila's series one, just beautiful.

Some more pictures of the event:

 We will miss this LR, it's been a great 4x4 for us

This one is just the easy route we did Sunday, to avoid breaking anything else


We had a great time, with great people, so well worth the almost 1.000 miles we did during the weekend.

We even had time for some tourism in Barcelona!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Alcaraz Jeep meeting

Yeah, this time there was a Jeep meeting in Alcaraz, but I got invited to it, so why not? since most of them were classics anyway, I thought bringing the Series for its first off highway trip was appropriate.

It was great fun and a chance to learn more about the amazing village of Alcaraz, now some pictures:

Meeting up, we started late because of the rain...

Snack at "laguna del Arquillo", old Jeeps are very cool too:

After the excursion, ready to try some delicious "Gazpachos Manchegos"

This is an old monastery and chapel, really cool, now used for social events,

Thanks everyone at Alcaraz and the Jeep meeting for doing this and inviting us, I had a lot of fun!

Oh, and the best of all, the Land Rover performed flawlessly!!! it even kept a steady 100-105 Km/h on the road (65 MPH since this LR has both MPH and KPH very rare around here in Europe these days).

Have fun out there...