Saturday, October 13, 2007

RRC gone

the problem was the ignition coil, easy fix.
I replaced the ignition cables too.

Went for sale and Nick wants to buy it, so it looks like "Spikes" found a new home.

I hope he has as much fun as I had with it.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coming soon...

It happened. I got a new(er) Land Rover to take the family with me. A beautiful Discovery I, V8, 1998.

It belongs to my Land Rover buddy Ron, who always took good care of it.

Here you can get a sneak preview.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pismo Beach SCLR meets NCLR

It was fun!

That 3 pictures in one, although pretty rough, gives an idea of what it is.

I finally joined SCLR, and I met Vinny to head to Pismo Saturday morning.

As always with old trucks, there is something going on, so it started to run rough, almost like missing some times. Instead of heading back home, as I didn't want to miss this event, I decided to go on and see if I could make my day trip to Pismo.

Well, we made it, met the guys from both SCLR and NCLR, did a little wheeling to find out that the truck was stalling all the time and running all weird.

So I guess I did make it but the poor old thing was tired... It used to live around there (previous owner) so maybe it was homesick...

Whatever, so, I let it cool for a while, no difference, some of the guys helped me to try to figure it out, we suspected fuel filter and then somebody had a new one (my hat to you), so we replaced it, no change... we tried all we could think of to no avail.


Interesting enough the 2006 RRS that Adam Spiker has, was doing something similar, although his was OK at high revs, not mine. We expend some time to see if we could figure something out in his too, but nope, nada. The idling was all weird. It was nice to see the guts of the RRS though.

So at around 4pm my trip back home started, and what a trip!.

I asked Max if he was kind enough to help me out of there, as I didn't even think getting out of camp was possible.

With a combination of double pedal, revving and trying several times, I got the RRC to the packed sand, from there Max towed me to the gate. He helped me air up and then I tried to head home.

It was stalling all the time, I am sorry for the people around me, as I was stalling and taking some time to go back ahead, they were nice, no honking or stuff, but with patience I made it to the 101.

On the freeway, it was rough but still running at reasonable speed... that is, until it dies on me 80 miles from home, forcing me to stop in a non too safe way out of the freeway (try to get a lifted RRC on the side of the road safely at around 40-50 MPH), but I was out of the main road in a safe place... in the Lompoc exit I think.

It took AAA a good couple of hours to find me.

Anyway, AAA came to the rescue and I got home well past 11pm.

The truck is not even starting now, so there you have it, my new project, figure out what the hell is wrong with this RRC now.

More details and some other pictures here.

More later.