Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alcaraz recon trip

We are still working on the routes for the next "Nacional" our CLRTTE national meeting in Alcaraz, and what was supposed to be a simple easy route... turned out to be a lot of fun, lots of snow, mud and water everywhere, really fun, we even had to bail out of a little tiny piece of the route because it was very dangerous with all that snow and ice.

and to give you a little sneak peek, here are some pictures:

Are you going to miss the "Nacional"??

Monday, January 14, 2013

Alcaraz planning of routes for the X National

We did a very long route around the "sierra" in Alcaraz. We had a little bit of everything, including some snow, but it was mostly fun and a lot of way-points and notes to be able to make the road-book later on.

Stay tuned, we'll be working on more routes for everyone coming to the "Nacional", it's going to be a great one!... if you drive a Land Rover, what are you waiting for??

As always we saw a little bit of everything, it measured just over 100 Km of driving around!

Beautiful views:


The infamous Pino-Roble (Pine-Oak), a pine born inside an old oak: