Friday, May 28, 2010

Farewell to offroading in the US (for now)

we are moving to Europe in a month, so before selling this Land Rover (Reddo) I thought I had to expend some quality time with it doing some offroading.

What can be better than offroading with some Land Rover friends of SoCal and NorCal, this time we expend the weekend in Pismo and we also did Garcia Ridge. Just a great weekend.

This was my camping spot, unfortunately, it was cold and windy, but still fun.

Saturday morning we headed up the mountains to do the Garcia Ridge Trail, very nice with some challenging parts at the end.

take a look:

This is one of the parts of the trail, to give an idea of what it was:

Me finishing some steep area:

Here Reddo decided to go sideways without asking me, kind of slipery, nothing that the ARB rear locker couldn't handle:

Pretty picture going across the creek:

One of the guys broke a driveshaft (one of the HD ones) and while we were there a young guy had a little accident, when his bike started rolling downhill and he couldn't gain control over it, this is where it happened:

After returning to the beach, I was tired so I left some dunes driving for the next morning.

Just before leaving Ron and I, did some dune driving and took some pictures as farewell, here are some pictures of that:

Reddo and Ron's DII in the beach:

Saying bye for now to a good friend, next time we'll offroad in Spain !!

Here me saying bye to everyone:

A little dune

Hanging around in the dunes:

So well, this is all for now, now it's time to clean Reddo and try to find a good family for it, I hope the next owner appreciates it as much as I do.

Check out Ron's Spot trip report, very nice:
Ron's Spot Trip

And if you have an account in LRRForum, go there for tons of pictures.

From now on, I'll keep on blogging from Spain.

Have a good one!