Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting work on the Series III

Well, this weekend had some time to work on the Land Rover, overall seems OK as I said before, but there is plenty of work ahead. I am going to start working on what I consider important things (mechanical, rust) and later on I'll work on the cosmetic things (paint, seats, ...) I got an spare whole vacuum pump from Ivan, mine doesn't work right, so after comparing them I decided to swap the pulleys as the one on the spare is broken. In the picture you can see why you need to create the "helping tool" that Santana recommends, here is a picture I drew to try to get it done somewhere.
My daughter decided to "help" me around and the dog too, and she said that the Series is totally a Lara Croft truck, I took a few pictures while she was playing like being her.
I also checked the rust spots, most of them are superficial, the only concern is the frame on the passenger door and the edge of the roof, but the frame can be replaced easily and the roof looks like it can be repaired.
I also checked under the truck and saw what looks like a leak in the gasket of the oil pan, I planned to change it anyway to clean well the filter in there. So there you have it, starting easy and slow, but it looks promising and it's a fun workout too ;), oh, and it is a 5 bearing 2.25 engine, you can see the "X" on the block.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

First day with the Series III

Well, Today I finally had some time to check the Land Rover. Overall is in good health for a 34 year old car, it has some rust spots, but cosmetics, mostly, some issues here and there, but most of the work needed is maintenance, clean up, paint and suspension/tires. I got the roof rack off, it's heavy!, and fixed the driver's door, which was out of whack. I am making a list of things to fix/replace/take care of, and it's already longer than my daughters Xmas list... and theirs is big!!! Anyway, a picture of a proper garage :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Land Rover Series III

Well, it's time for another chapter in my Land Rover Life. This time I have decided to get a Series III. I always liked this classic Landies, and this one just got today seems to be in good shape as a start project. Lots of hours are going to be needed to bring it back to top shape, but at least is a runner with almost no rust, a 5 bearings engine (it seems at least) and a decent drivetrain. Some pictures to introduce this one for now and more as the project goes on.