Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Series in the rain

I took the Series today in the rain, it's funny how water finds its way inside in one of these cars :)
It sure makes people turn their heads...

Monday, May 13, 2013

X Encuentro Club Land Rover (Alcaraz)

Well, it happened again, we had a great meeting with Land Rovers from all over Spain (actually some from UK too) and as we hoped it was great fun.

The camping area was very nice, lots of room to walk around, good bar with food and drinks, even rural houses for a lucky few.

There was time for everything, even for some homework or a little nap...

Gus, doing the Survival Mechanics course (I could not assist, but I would love that, it's always good to get tips and ideas from others)

Trying out the circuits, this is the easy one:

Overall view of the circuit:

 Me, holding the fort, I was controlling traffic at the beginning of the circuits:

On the radio, organizing a rescue, too much mud in some of the suggested 4x4 routes...

Traffic jam in Alcaraz?... I am wondering what could be happening??

Must be these guys! :)
We celebrated our annual meeting of the club in the town hall, and we cannot thank enough all the people in Alcaraz for all the help.

Mud concept #3

Back to the tracks

Stuck in the mud, although I eventually made it out of it by myself...

Nice background image of Alcaraz and us

About the right color already :)

One video of us having fun:

Overall, we had as much fun doing the Encuentro than planning it, I think most people liked it, and Alcaraz won the hearts of a lot of our Land Rover buddies.

I hope to find some pictures of when I did the extreme circuit, as I was kind of too busy having fun for photos. This is a little video we did at the very end of it:

And a picture of a hill (thanks tiokevin @ CLRTTE)

Also, I still need to check everything, but so far it looks like some damage to the rear panel and some "death wobble"  is all I got.

So much fun, I can't wait for the next!