Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cooling system overhaul

After all the weird issues with the hose and coolant spilling out and what not, I decided it was time to overhaul the whole thing.

I took the radiator out and took it for a good rod/clean out. Thing was a mess, but the results are great, if you need someone in the Valley for this check them, here

Rad out:

In the mean time, I had noticed than from the 3 fans I should have, barely half was working: no viscous and A/C fan motors were dead.

I also got new oil hoses since the ones I had were leaking bad.

All of that was straightforward enough, but the motor fans, gave me some issues.

First I found posts where they claimed that VDO PM9116 was a compatible part for Discoveries. Since the RRC 95 is pretty much the same, I ordered 2 of those. They arrived and guess what?

Yeah, they don't look the same to me either.

Went back to the source and I saw that they actually had a Discovery *II* not I, so this motor is no good.

Back to finding something for it, after much google use, I found this time, that some CR-V from Honda have the same fan motor, so this reference 38616P3G003, actually did the trick and I got myself 2 fan motors that were pretty much the same as the ones in the 1995 RRC, they just push the fan a little closer to the radiator, but I checked clearance and all was good:

So after a lot of swearing and sweating, I did all the little adjustments (the connector wasn't the same but the cables were the same colors).

Also notice, how easy it is to access all this when you remove the big radiator.

So here we go some images for your enjoyment and I am happy to report that today the RRC was not hot at all, and the hoses did NOT collapse after driving. No coolant has been lost. No over pressure. All is good so far.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Centralizing peg, VICTORY!

I've been fighting the centralizing peg for over a week, the little #%$# didn't want to come out, loctite and rust did the seal, very hard to break.

Tried the standard way, broke the bolt, tried to get the bolt out with bolt extractors, broke 2, then I decided to make a side hole, and used the rotoflex bolts and a huge washer, to push a screwdriver... also torch, WD40, ALL the weapons I could think of

There has been some casualties, last some battles but the war is over, I WON! :)

Friday, May 02, 2014

This is new for me...

While working to find out why the A/C fans won't turn on, I found this:

Never seen this before myself, more research is needed...