Monday, May 09, 2011

VIII Encuentro Nacional, Benissa 2011


Well, I think I can sum up this event in one word...AWESOME!!!! ;)

The Land Rover club of Spain (CLRTTE) does a couple of annual gatherings, one of them is the "Nacional" and the other one is the "Iberico" which is held every other year in Spain (the other years in Portugal).

This meeting is a great way of meeting Land Rover people from all over the country.

This year, there was a lot of activities including offroad routes and offroad circuits, with great food and assorted activities for everyone.

We had a lot of fun and it's always great to meet people you have been hanging with online, nice to have faces for the nicknames...

First, I was nicely surprised by the number of Land Rovers and Santanas, from all over Spain, it's always nice to check all types of Landys with all kinds of preparations.

I see Land Rovers....


There was some stuff for kids too, my older one going up high...


But again, "I see Land Rovers..."


This is the Defender I want to get one day, a D90, Td4 Puma, a man can dream, right? ;)


So now, some pictures of our runs, my 2 girls were into it and had a great time.
We did 2 runs, one Saturday of the easy Green circuit and then Sunday of both the easy and the medium one (the Red circuit)... not bad for street tires, and of course, I didn't try the hard one(the black circuit) with my stock(ish) Disco.

I think all the tires should be on the ground, right?
Static mud concept #2
The girls and the dog working out with a nice background of... you guessed it, Land Rovers!
A happy family! We all had fun, hanging with all sorts of nice people.
Finally, I met Suri, I sense we'll share a few routes in the future!
The only "carnage" I experienced was a loose rear bumper cap, both sidesteps got a couple of "bumps" and of course a little mud here and there, but nothing too serious.
That's most of it, thank you for reading!

Don't forget to check the CLRTTE website for more pictures and stories...