Monday, October 06, 2014

Land Rover Party 2014

I took some time to go to the Land Rover party this year too, since I happened to be in Spain for the weekend.
As always great fun, special thanks must go to Suri for all his hospitality (and his family too).

Historical vehicles, I missed my 1977 Series here, this was just too far away for me to drive @ 80Km/h, but I really enjoyed all this old(new?) trucks.

Never seen one of these before, from Belgium.

The most stunning RRC I've seen in a while, interior looks new...

More classics.

Now let's go with the fun part.

 Lots of rain, storms all night long...

Some delicious cake

more fun:

I rode shotgun on this defender most of the time, made me miss my Series even more

 The shirt this year
 Camping site

Camel trophy stuff

Gorgeous place!

Our new friend Paolo, from Italy, with his beautiful series I