Monday, June 20, 2016

Exploring the high eastern sierra

As a recce trip for SCLR, I joined Jake on a trip up high on the sierras. What a change from the hellish heat down here, we were in the low thirties Fahrenheit overnight, saw snow, ice, water, and rocks, millions of rocks. I can describe what we saw any better than these pictures:

 This is around 11,000 ft altitude, boy we felt the elevation!:

Snow run in late June?

Camping at over 9,000 ft, cold.

And something to work on, since I won't get out until it gets cold again, it's time to do the 200K miles service anyway. The vibration from the mud tires, loosed up the bolts on the driveshaft (lost a couple just reaching Bishop) but all is good. I guess all that vibration is not that great on the axle itself either... still this thing works great, I did 4 hours+ with the AC full blast without problems, it could use some extra HP when climbing with A/C but no overheating or anything. Very happy with this thing.

Some Pictures from Jake: