Saturday, May 12, 2007

Maintenance done (finally)

I had two pending issues, one oil & filter change and the other the transfer case.
Transfer case oil was low and black (as always), so I decided to change the oil for fresh ATF + some lucas.
Oil was dirty already and the pressure light was on when idling and hot, so I changed the oil (with Castrol 20w50 and lucas oil treatment too) and filter (now K&N 3001).
I used a little leftover seafoam to clean the engine before changing the oil.
I created a very nice mess all over the garage :)

I think now, I am done with the main issues and maintenance. Miles today 51133.

Getting ready for the summer trip to the North.

Also, got a free Brush Bar (thanks Joe!!) and I've been working on it to get rid of rust and whatnots. I'll install soon. Somehow I always wanted one, I know they are mostly useless, but what the ..., I'll install it for a while. The price was right ;)

Also, last week I patched a exhaust leak I had, we'll see how long it lasts.