Sunday, October 23, 2011

Terrafirma 2" lift

It was time to finally install the Terrafirma lift. Jorge (Salvaje) from the CLRTTE showed up to help, much appreciated by the way, while we worked around the Disco, we did find some interesting things too. First of all, last week I replaced the master cylinder and booster, booster broke back in the Land Rover Party, but master was starting to leak a little bit, so I played it safe and replace both, looking good and shiny… and it works perfect too.
Also, I did the stupid ‘P’ gasket, what a waste of time to get there, as always one of the bolts rounded off and I had to hammer in the 3/8 to get it out, oh well. So back to today’s business. We started with the measurements of the old setup, to compare at the end, roughly 79 cm and 80 cm, front and back respectively.
Talking about damages from the Party, the rear bumper is showing signs of “smile-ification” (not my word, Max’s) both ends got loose and I repaired for now. The steering guard got some of the smilification too, you can see Indy the inspector checking it out, and we notice the front axle stabilizer on the driver side, was a little bended too, will stay like that for a bit though… got rid of the side steps, they got pretty damaged too.
So anyway, back to the lift, we tried to take a couple of picture while working on this, here is how the new setup looks like, front and back and a picture of how spooky it looks the car without suspension.
Measurements at the end, 83 cm. and 87 cm., front and rear, of course, they will settle a bit once I use them a bit, but not bad, it drives great too.
So, we had some fun, expending the day with a friend is always nice, we got to talk about Land Rovers and the club, we had lunch and some liquor after we finished the job (I even dare to drink a little bit) and as I said, it was a good day, we ended up tired though, it’s quite some work to do this, we started at around 11am (I was already monkeying around the car since 8-9am) and we finished at about 5pm, including a break for beer and another one for lunch. Here are the protagonists of the day, David, Indy and Jorge.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Land Rover Party 2011

One of the events I was really looking forward to, is the Land Rover event in Les Comes (Barcelona), I got to hang out with Suri and his family and a lot of friends from the area

I had a lot of fun, met new people and said hello to some people I met before. It was a fun event overall, I didn't have time to check everything out, but maybe next time.

Some pictures of Les Comes:

We did go around the whole property, exploring and checking all sorts of interesting things, like this salt mine.

The wooden bridge was kind of fun too.

But probably one of the things that was more fun was one of the extreme areas, with plenty of mud, where we got stuck twice, once Saturday and then again Sunday.

It's funny how much the mud changed, Saturday had plenty of water, but by Sunday it was very thick and sticky.

Saturday's pictures here, at one point my Disco started digging to get up and sprayed Txus nicely, as you can see below. We got slightly stuck here, but nothing compared to what happened Sunday.

Sunday, things were going smoothly as there was less water in the mud, but the end of the trail, was very hard and almost everyone (but Jordi's Td5 and a Disco3, if I remember well) had some sort of issue there. I broke one of the end caps for the rear bumper and Suri got mud well over the knees, check out his shoes below.

we had such a great time, I'll do the whole thing again. And considering I did all that in my stock Disco with street tires, ... not bad at all.

I think I have some issue with the brakes and we had to clean mud from pretty much everywhere, but still fun.

As always with Land Rover events, the best of all is the people.

I'll certainly try to go again next time.

This was the worse of the damage I got... not too bad and very typical problem:

Well, other than repairing the brakes and replacing the "P" gasket, I have some new toys to install too, courtesy of MM4x4: