Monday, December 10, 2007

The Red Disco and Cleghorn with the SCLR

after a little more than a week, I had a chance to wheel the Red Disco.
It was a lot of fun, SCLR had a run up Cleghorn, but it turned out muddy and with snow, lots of fun and quite different from the usual SoCal trail.

Rob and Rodney from Dolphin, wheeled there too with Rodney's P38, he took it everywhere with pretty much street tires, it was his first time driving it offroad and he did great... now he is hooked on Land Rovers. Here at the end of the trail all happy and stuff:

The event started with some orientation and goodies (we got free LRL and Overland magazines, beautiful by the way), and we hit the trail, very soon some newer street worthy rides took the way back, too muddy and slippery for some.

I ended up being the last truck to hit the first big mud pool, traction was very bad and I got stucked for a while, which gave me the option to play with the rear ARB locker... nice toy to have. I got out after some spotting from Jim.

I followed the group lead by Marcus for a little bit (the more "extreme" group) and after doing a pretty steep uphill, I took it easier... the rear plastic end got out a little...

The hill (picture by Marcus):

The bumper:

Another shot when having lunch:

Overall was great to meet new people and say hello to a few I already knew from Pismo.

We had a lot of fun, at least, I sure did. I haven't done any snow offroad driving for 10 years or so...

Some pictures in Picasa here.

Thanks to Marcus and Rodney for sharing the pictures with me.