Friday, February 17, 2012

HD Rear Bumper

Thanks to somebody not paying attention while driving, I got a new bumper and I decided to get the HD one from mm4x4, very nice so far, we'll see how it holds up in the dirt.

On the Series front, I am done for a while, I removed the oil sump and did some cleaning down there, I hope the leak it had is gone now and I could double check the engine is indeed a 5 bearings one. I looked at one of the brakes that was binding seriously and after cleaning and placing the sprint right, seems to work much better, but the brakes may need overhauling soon. We'll see.

I saw this video of SCLR, this is part of the trail we did back a few years back, to bring materials to rebuild the bridge shown on the images. Very cool.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

II Vuelta Sierra de Alcaraz

We did our Alcaraz run, and it was really cold.

We started our run by meeting in the "Plaza Mayor" of Alcaraz and taking a picture with some of the Land Rovers on this event. We ask for official permission to do this route, as we were around 15 vehicles, and all worked out great.
We started by heading out through asphalt roads, until we got on dirt roads, somewhat interesting (deep ruts) all the way up to a fording over a stream, here we realize how cold was around here (probably in the -10C neighborhood), the stream had a layer of ice of around 10 inches and was impossible to go across, this is a video we did on the recce trip a couple of weeks ago, we saw some ice but not Titanic worthy!!

After that, we had a food stop in some really nice spot (a camping place when temperatures are nicer) we saw that the swimming pool was frozen solid too, the dog was experimenting with the ice surface, he was amused by that.

After that we drove over quite a bit of snow, all very beautiful and picturesque.

 This is a picture stop we did at "La Silla":

We went then all the way up, next to the Almenara, here you can see 2 pictures of both sides of the mountain and finally a picture on the top of the world (well, it feels like it anyway).

After that we went back to Alcaraz to enjoy some local food and great company. We'll be there again next year.

Friday, February 03, 2012

200K maintenance, check!

I am done with the 200K maintenance, I finished with the diesel filter and the valve clearance.
I have deferred the oil change, as it is still OK and I added metalube last change, so I want to keep it around for a little while longer and as the last timing belt was done at 130K, I am going to wait a little more too on that one.
No mayor problems found, and I think I may have found the small leak of oil coming from the crankcase oil filter (cyclone) it had no O-ring.
Let's see if it's ready for another 200K!