Tuesday, February 21, 2017

X Shaver Lake Snow Run

this is becoming a habit, a good one too. We took an extra day to explore some other stuff this time. Very enjoyable overall, despite rain and snow, we had enough good weather to enjoy nature.
We tried Saturday to go to Huntington Lake over the old road, which was too snowed in about a mile before the lake, since I was solo we decided to just play on the snow around and return the same way.
Sunday, we did our typical trip, trying to go as high as possible in the mountain, this time, some newbies with their Jeeps kept on getting stuck and slowing as down, but at the end of the day, the important thing, is that everyone had fun, we got stuck a few times, and overall a great day for everyone.
As always, the best part are the pictures:

Let's try to bypass the Jeeps....er, maybe not.

The RRC behave very well, stuck only once when I lost control into the snow at one point, but still great job.

Beautiful nature all around


Don's LR3, nice rig

Lutz providing the entertainment for a little while

a Land Rover tows a ...

...Jeep obviously

Getting them out of trouble

Collins truck behave great on the snow... the big donuts helped.

California is beautiful, I've never seen so much water everywhere here.