Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another condor trip

We went up the mountain again, this time my daughter rode along, and we had quite some fun.

She saw some prints that may belong to some big animal maybe even a bear... who knows?

The RRC behave perfectly after passing the smog a few days ago with flying colors.

Great day outdoors, just what I needed.

PD: I got confirmation of those being bear tracks.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Alcaraz, post Nacional CLRTTE, with the Series

One of the things I am looking forward whenever I am in Spain is to take the Land Rover Series III places and have fun with it. Today I took it offroad and had a great time with some friends from the CLRTTE.

I wasn't completely sure the poor Series was going to be up for it, it's old, and it's lonely. Barely used around the year, maybe a couple of weeks or so, I was fearing something would go really bad if I tried to drive it anywhere, but.... it proved once again, LR Series are some really though little trucks: it went all the way to Alcaraz, then did the obstacle course, some mountain roads and back home, without a problem... the A/C was not an option (or power steering back then) but despite the stupidly hot weather, we made it!

So let me share some pictures and explanations of the activities today.

Visiting the off-road area from the National CLRTTE event and of course, trying some of it..

Then we went around, to visit some of the surrounding areas, lots of fun.

This is an old bullfighting ring, I think I showed this before, still quite interesting to hang around...

We visited our friends at Talleres Chutena, their ongoing Series III pickup with 200Tdi and disco brakes is well on its way...

No matter where you go, a Land Rover will bring you (almost) always home... still the Series kind of looks out of place around town...

And remember, real men use 4 levers :)

Thanks to Manolo, Jorge and Mario for a great day (and some of the pictures)