Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hand Painting and P gasket

I realized the P gasket was leaking a little bit again, so I torqued the screws back up and I found one of them pretty loose, no wonder it was leaking, it seems dry after last run around Alcaraz.

It was the turn of the old Land Rover and I finally got around to paint it... I was not sure if leaving it the same color or painting it green (John Deere kind) or blue, but, after asking my wife, I "realized" I really wanted to paint it yellow :)

So anyway, these are some pictures of the process, not sure about the results but it does look better than it used to look:

 Here after epoxy primer, much more smoother than before...

We got yellow

Painting is fun!

Black is in

Final touches and end result, too glossy for my taste, but it will have to do until I do a full restoration one day.

And now one picture outside with the phone though...