Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fine tuning the RRC

Sorry, I haven't posted much, really busy with work and life in general...

I've been doing some stuff to the Range Rover, but didn't take many pictures:

I was able to bring back to life the passenger seat switch, it was a little dirty but the main problem turned out to be the ECU for seats/mirror/memory
As usual the battery for the memory went south and started leaking, not too bad, but I guess enough to take some circuits with it.
After a first approach I couldn't pinpoint the problem with the mirrors, so for now they go on "manual" mode, just unplugging one of the connector (the longest) you separate the mirrors from the faulty ECU. The seats work OK. Some pictures:

That was fun, of course, not the only one, I got rid of the alarm/immobilizer, replaced with a cheapo one from eBay, it even has remotes and good thing I got the kit since *ALL* the actuators were fried... no wonder the alarm didn't work... did I mention that the RRC has no horns?? I guess the alarm was going on all the time LOL

I reused one of the connectors from the Alarm module, and splice the other 2 cables, now it works with remotes and opening/closing the driver's door.

Also, fixed the driver's door window, the hidden rail (the tiny one you can't see) had one of the guides out... makes sense since the end of run was broken and the window would go way too down.

The plastic bezel on the rear was broken so I decided to attach it with some screws:

Still plenty of things to do, but after removing the rear Drive-shaft I can drive the truck around town, without binding like crazy (yeah, the viscous needs replacement, working on that...)

Did I mentioned the battery died and had to replace... well, now I did :), one morning it had only 3V, I tried the charger but no way to charge that...

Figured out why the A/C would go ON on any speed and setting, some P.O. wired the compressor clutch to the cable that feeds the fan for the interior of the truck... instead of replacing the switch, go figure!.... well now it works, although the switch still is kind of weird, but replacement is on its way.

So far even the music system works, I get the random code 48 for the AIC, but I'll replace soon enough. Truck runs beautiful and, oh, did I mention it passed smog with honors :).... car is registered and ready for whatever is next...

I even did some paleontological research, I found under the carpet (!!!!) a whole Motorola system from the 90s most likely.

Put the roof back too, although I only cleaned it well, didn't paint or cover with fabric for now, it can wait and actually it looks weird enough that I like it...

So it looks like I'll have to get some tires, maybe a lift and a few things before going exploring around (radios, ...)

Stay tuned for the diagnosis of the ABS system and the Cruise control :)

And to finish, a picture I had in the camera from before moving, of my series with the roof-rack I have, but don't really use..., I miss the old Landy, I hope to drive it again soon...