Monday, September 30, 2013

Alcaraz Jeep meeting

Yeah, this time there was a Jeep meeting in Alcaraz, but I got invited to it, so why not? since most of them were classics anyway, I thought bringing the Series for its first off highway trip was appropriate.

It was great fun and a chance to learn more about the amazing village of Alcaraz, now some pictures:

Meeting up, we started late because of the rain...

Snack at "laguna del Arquillo", old Jeeps are very cool too:

After the excursion, ready to try some delicious "Gazpachos Manchegos"

This is an old monastery and chapel, really cool, now used for social events,

Thanks everyone at Alcaraz and the Jeep meeting for doing this and inviting us, I had a lot of fun!

Oh, and the best of all, the Land Rover performed flawlessly!!! it even kept a steady 100-105 Km/h on the road (65 MPH since this LR has both MPH and KPH very rare around here in Europe these days).

Have fun out there...

Monday, September 16, 2013

IX Iberico Land Rover Valdilecha

 We had a great time. This was the IX Iberico (meeting with Land Rovers from Portugal and Spain), this time in Valdilecha (Madrid).

Other than the usual eating, drinking, laughing and having fun, we did a little route around the region, very easy.

 This is the camping site from the top of a near-by hill where the swimming pool and showers were

 Camp site, the Alcaraz/Albacete crew:

 Creative cooking, since no fire is allowed electric grill works:

Kind of funny, is that a very compact Land Rover?

Very cool LR truck

A general view of the circuit:

I am in love, this thing is based on a Discovery 200 Tdi:

The truck doing it's thing rescuing its brother after braking the front drive shaft:

Here you can see Gus holding the broken part.

The Trophy competition was a lot of fun, following the Camel Trophy spirit, this first incline already broke the truck above:

And here it was a *very* close call, it almost tipped all the way down, rolling, a very scary moment that ended up in just that:

Check out the Defender on the background

Here they had to pass around a tire from the top vehicle to the bottom one and back.

Another view of the in-progress competition

Here, it has a spring...

 after the pool, no spring... TADAAAAA!!!

Fishing out the spring, although for now just an end cap for the rear fender

Look how the Disco II makes it look easy...

And this Defender, doing its thing too

Rangie wants a piece of the action

One of the pools

And now with a series...

This lightweight really enjoyed the other pool

Going up!

This was a very steep and loose trail up, it made for some spectacular pictures...