Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pismo Revenge

after last year I really wanted to have some fun in the sand.
This time it was a great day for me. I could only expend Saturday, but hey, that is more than not going at all.

Weather was great, a little cool, which helps in the beach.

The Land Rover performed flawlessly all the time, I am very happy with the way this truck has turned out after some little adjustments, I am even getting 16.5 MPG on the freeway after cleaning the intake!!!

Showed up at around 9AM, after digging around Max's truck to try to get him stuck (see pictures from Max in LRRForum) we started to get introduced to the sand and the dunes (well, technically we already drove on the sand to get to camp). Camp:

As I always do, I managed to get stuck in the stupidest of places, as I was coming up a dune, I dig enough to make the axles and the body stand on sand, so no love for me. Of course, I could have backed up, but being my first dune, we weren't sure it was very smart, I am pretty sure now I could do it, thanks to the friends at winchline.com , I was out in a second:

After that it was smooth sailing for me, I tried to figure the dunes thing out a few times, trying to do it smoothly, but at the end brute force is needed, after that, much better, although I have some gift to find the softest sand around.

Damn paparazzi were everywhere ;)

This one was specially fun, I think I tried 4 times, here is the video follow the red Disco :) and some pictures:
This one courtesy of Elliott:

Here, some close encounter of the third kind or so:

So, a great day in the sand, that took the bitter taste of last year after the RRC problems. Although this time we had some of them (Transmission gone, Axle broken, some popped beads) I think we managed to have a great time and hang out with a bunch of nice people.