Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lot of work ahead and lots of fun too!!!

Today while waiting for the parts for the series, I painted the wheels, I may leave them like this, kind of like the color, I'll have to see what color I end up painting the SIII.

Another thing I did today is to replace the oil for the swivel pin housing in the series, funny thing: in one of them, there was very little oil and very black, but the other one only had WATER!! NO OIL!!... good thing I did this thing.

I decided to replace one of the AVM freewheeling hubs, the springs are stretched beyond use and they are not easy to replace, I'll see if I can find just one around.

 The parts finally arrived, it feels like Xmas :), in the next days (maybe weeks, depending on how much time I can use for this) I'll have brand new brakes, parabolic springs, shock absorbers and exhaust. After that: ITV there I go!!!