Tuesday, March 10, 2009

II Shaver Lake Snow Run

We did it again!
We went again to Shaver Lake, to do the second Snow Run, with a bunch of crazy Land Rover owners, like myself, from Southern and Northern California.

What a blast, as last time.

I started the previous weekend with some needed work on the Disco, just under 112,000 miles, Radiator fixed (it was leaking), thermostat, serpentine belt, oil & filter change (this time 10W40 seems better for this engine), dust caps replaced on front axle, brake pads greased and rotated around to easy squeal and a few more little things.

Then the actual fun, we decided to caravan in our way up, like you can see here, starting north of L.A.:

Nice and sunny
Nice and sunny??!!

It's the 3rd time we've been here, so it kind of feels like home, we hanged with everybody at camp for a little bit, but we had a room in the village, more comfortable than camping at under 30F...

This year the whole route was much smoother, almost all of us got stuck at one point or the other, most of them very short, but I manage to get the worse stuck award.

Here putting my new RUD 4x4 chains on all tires:

Anybody said stuck?

At lunch we regrouped a little bit:

Although we had to get creative and lend a hand to allow others to pass, this is the beginning of the actual Bald Mountain trail, so all that snow is actually in a road (!!)

At the end, all was good and clean, ready to go back and eat something. At least this time we didn't return well past midnight, like last year.

We had to miss the dinner & nocturnal activities, due to one of my daughters allergy to something, but still, we had a great time again and we won't miss the next one.

I'll try to add some video when time permits and here are some links to more pictures:




And of course, check this thread in LRRF:

Pretty eh?