Sunday, May 18, 2008

Panamint Valley

Recently, some of the SCLR members went up Panamint Valley to help deliver the materials needed to fix a bridge to allow the loop with Pleasant Cyn. to stay open.

It was a very hot day, easily in the 108-110 degrees out there (even hotter around 118, I think).

We gathered 4 Land Rovers and 3 Jeeps to try to deliver all the materials up there. meeting point in Johannesburg, CA

We then headed to Ballarat and all the way to the trail head.

We loaded as much stuff as possible in the trucks and headed up the mountain.

After a little stop for a flat and another little stop to let the trucks cool down, we reached our destination.

the flat

We are done (kind of, some big iron pieces were waiting for us down the trail...)

Can you spot the bridge we brought the materials to fix?

We had to go back home, so we headed down, it's funny how different an obstacle looks from inside or outside of the truck...



When I stopped to air up, the Disco wouldn't idle properly, it was like the fuel regulator was not working right, maybe the vacuum hoses had some leak or it was the heat or the dust.

Anyway, after some tries I was able to rev it up and start on the road, we were in the middle of nowhere so a good thing, it started going properly... The rest of the trip was great and the truck arrived safely with us and it is idling fine now after the trip... whatever.

It was a pretty hard day, but I love to help to keep the trails open, I think after visiting this, it was worth it and I'll be back there..., if you like offroading go there and tread lightly.