Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kickdown and another trip to Teruel

I went again to Teruel, family meet over there, fun, good food... I miss it already.

This time I had the chance to offroad the truck a little (very short path but kind of technical) , tires were good despite being the Synchrones.

I also decided to adjust the kickdown cable as something was funny with the way it shifts. No wonder..., it was a lot off, so I followed the RAVE instructions to set it up and now it feels like it shifts smoother and it doesn't drop that much when hitting 4th (before it could go into 4th at 1600 rpm or so , now it's closer to 2000 rpm which feels much better) .

Anyway, it was fun, the Tdi still works great, I just love this truck, it's a pity I can't take it with me to L.A. with its 25 MPG and all (23 MPG on the city with AC on all the time... that halves the V8 consumption)