Sunday, November 08, 2009

A short trip to Pismo

Well, LuisMi, from the Land Rover club of Spain, was here visiting, so we decided to hit Pismo for some fun.

There was some event with Toyotas all over the place, but it was fun as always to hit the dunes.

The water was very high, I've never seen this kind of tide around this area.

Some pictures now, this is what we found to start the day:

It was kind of windy, but still a beautiful day in Pismo:

LuisMi was here, :)

A little dune down:

After all that activity the Land Rover was like this:

So I cleaned very well to get rid of the sand/mud/whatever like algae and other things that stuck to the axles, and thanks to LuisMi and Saltamontes (big thanks to you 2), we were able to put some stickers from the Spanish club in our truck:

Although this is what happens when you let your little girls help you with stickers in the truck:

Until next time, cheers.