Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baja Mexico 2017

So, we did it again, we went down to Bahia de Los Angeles this time. great trip, I'll describe with pictures, most of them mine a few "borrowed" from Jared (RedRover).

The trip begins with a clean car. and all load secured.... wouldn't last long.

We reached San Ysidro, got some pesos....

And we are in Tijuana

Road trip, up and down La Rumorosa:

We start offroad, this is Laguna Salada:

Camping time

We saw this little guy

The first break-down, Disco I refused to start, they headed back with the other 2 cars from Baja Land that were going to stay only for the weekend.

We continued on just 4 trucks,

We decided to call it a night, we even found a cheap hotel, with good food around the corner in a tiny village. Ivan's truck was giving all sorts of problems, so we decided to check with a local mechanic to try to figure it out.... there is always time for a few songs.

We were ready to go through Mike's Sky Ranch and beyond. Turns out the center diff wasn't engaging on Ivan's truck either, which made the going up complicated slopes extra fun (i.e. winching and pulling)

We tried to engage it manually but the truck being a million degrees didn't help.

It was pretty all around.

 Getting into Mike's Ranch

 We made it! now time to find a ranch or place to stay.

This was my rear view for most of the hard spots, me pulling Ivan's truck :)

Nice spot

We made it to the ranch, with showers and all, plenty of animals around... and a very annoying cat.

It's so green after the rain.

 La Lobera surprised us for many reasons, specially to know, that the avalon factory closed because the water temperature raised some 20-30 degrees and the avalon died or was dropped into deep cooler sea.... global warming for you.

This time we tried the lobster specialty.

We had a chance to camp at the beginning of the Mission of Santa Maria trail, which brought great memories from last year.

After a few kilometers and a lot of potholes, we made it to Bahia de Los Angeles:

Room with a view for sure:

Nice spot.... not many people around, just my kind of beach.

Such great colors at sunset.

Luismi, joined us, they were traveling from Honduras and made just in time for some tapas and cigars.

We had a great time on the beach.

Our local hero, Don Chilo, and his dog Pit

Of course, Ivan truck thought is was a great moment to destroy a tire before leaving :)

Half way up, Cataviña, time for a delicious Coco.

Dinner (or whatever, not sure about the time, food).

Lots of kilometers, but very amazing views all over.

Ensenada, too windy for camping, so we decided on a cheap hotel.

Must stop for tacos.

We made it to Tijuana

And after almost 5 hours at the border, we made it to the US, trip home wasn't bad, despite a 20 minute delay between San Diego and L.A.

The RRC made it home, without problems, and could keep 70+MPH when needed.

The whole trip: